Eduness 2013

Event Details


August 24th, 2013
to August 30th, 2013


09:30 am ~ 5:00 pm


Vistula University
Stokłosy 3, Warsaw

The Eduness Summer School is an unique event – the first of its kind in Poland and one of the few organised so far worldwide.

Vistula University’s strategic goal is to enrich its cooperation activities with the business world in order to provide quality education. One of its strategic partners is Bank Zachodni WBK operating the Santander Universidades programme. The programme includes student internships and the Vistula Eduness Summer School which will be organized at Vistula’s campus in August 2013. The Eduness Summer School is an unique event – the first of its kind in Poland and one of the few organised so far worldwide. It aims to promote the concept of Service Design and Design Thinking in an attractive, engaging and content-rich programme. The event will gather 40+ participants from five countries who, in the seven day period will perform creative projects designing innovative services at the Vistula campus and the surrounding Ursynów district of Warsaw. The summer school agenda will include such themes as:

1. Sensualisation of experience
2. Creative team Management
3. Research
4. Visualisation of Knowledge
5. Amateur
6. Service prototyping
7. Design Thinking as a Karaoke.
8. Customer service problem form Vistula University’s experience (to be resolved in workshop).

A typical day during the summer school will start with a warm-up exercise and two inspiring and enlivening Talks (2 x 45 min.). Next, the main conference will see participants breaking out into a number of parallel „Skill + Lab” sessions (4-8 team members) with a lunch break (2 ½ h + 2 h). The day will be rounded-up by the Un-conference session (1 h).

The participants will work under supervision of experts from Poland and abroad. The conference is supported by the Service Design Network Polish Charter and My Service Fellow.

A sight-sightseeing tour around Warsaw will be organized for the participants. English will be the summer school’s official language.


From all over the World

Dr. Marcin Chłodnicki, Used to be the only Service Designer in Poland. Introduced Global Service Jams initiatives and Service Design Network to Poland> First Polish in European Academy of Marketing. Educated as musician, willing to become a dentist, graduated as Economist, worked in Mushroom industry installing farms, airhandling systems, in wine distribution, as merchandising consultant, banks commercialisation consultant, business development manager, brand strategic consultant and service designer, finally.

Mehmet Orhun Eskici, Mehmet Orhun Eskici, Chairman of the Board of the Vistula Group of Universities: He is also acting as an Executive Board Member in Akfel Group,, dealing with new renewable energy investments. Akfel Group offers energy generation, energy supply, energy transportation, energy engineering& consultancy, engineering, procurement and contracting services for energy projects, and manufacturing services in the energy market for more than fifteen years.

Jan Fazlagić, Professor at Vistula University, his research interests include knowledge management, relationship marketing, intellectual capital, creativity and education. Jan has vast experience as a speaker and consultant to business and public sector organizations as well as researcher in international projects. His hobbies include fortifications, world war two, architecture and history.

Caspar Siebel, I run workshops to release the creative side of all participants. Initially I worked as a designer and service companies introduced in the same tray. Meanwhile, I took inspiration from gamification and theater methods to conduct business to new results. Caspar has made at Eindhoven University of Technology and a BS in Industrial Design at the Macromedia Munich an MA for service design. Caspar Siebel is a certified coach, graduated from Industrial Design at the Technical University in Einthowen and Service Design at the Macromedia University in Munich. He conducts training in service design and improvisation. Author of publications to Touchpoint.

Marek Marszałek, Roche Shared Services Centre, Poland. People manager in IT Shared Services Center. He is a certified ITIL Service Manager. Active promoter of agile and radical organizational management. Animator of Warsaw Stoos movement satellite. He will like to inspire you with the concept of “Radical Management”.

Mauro Rego, Designer, Frankfurt Am Main Area, Germany Graduated from HPI Former Project manager at Service Design Network, September 2010 – February 2012 (1 year 6 months) Cologne Area, Germany
• Tutor of the Service Design Basics 1.0 | Introductory course in Service Design;
• Organisation of the SDN Conferences;
• Development of the Kindle version of the magazine Touchpoint.
• Research assistant, Politecnico di Milano

Valeria Grauso, Specialities: - Concept generation - Graphic visualization and communication - Branding - Customer Insights - Customer Experience - Service Design Experience
Valeria Grauso is an Assistant Professor in Product-Service System Design at Politecnico di Milano. She can teach you Service Design, User Experience, Business Strategy, Customer insights and user analysis an be a Process Facilitator.

Wojtek Ławniczak, Business counselor specialized in B2B with particular emphasis on issues related to services. Advises small and medium-sized enterprises and the public sector in developing, implementing projects that define a framework for strategies, brand, innovation and service design. 10 years working for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), where six of the 10 managed the brand in all regional offices in Poland. Later the development of advisory services in the office in Poznan, but not only - also responsible for building and branding management teams: German Business Group, Scandinavian Desk.

Krzysztof Bogomaz, Graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Design at Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Service designer and industrial designer. Diploma in Dep. of Ergonomic Design. Co-founder of Clou Studio, which since 2010 is actively working in the field of design brands, services and industrial design. Since 2010 he has been working with Ergo Design, designing products, merchandising points, packaging, commercial design, etc. Member of the Service Design Network Poland. Co-organizer & Service Design Leader at TEDx Krakow. Host of Krakow edition of the Global Service Jam and founder of Krakow Jams (

Salomé Santamaría I am doing the final thesis, the topic is how to empower family farmers based in a small region in Colombia. I am working with a team based in Bogota and we are in the research phase. Still don't know if the final result would be a product development, service, space or business model. Parallel to the thesis project I am working in a urban mobility project for Dublin Bus. Please check out:

Magda Malachowska, willing to be a designer become a qualified economist with PhD in subject of marketing communication in clusters. Assistant Professor in Marketing of Services at University of Szczecin. Co-founder of Media Dizajn Association where design thinking is a mindset of our organization. Member of Service Design Network Polish Chapter. Host of the Global Service Jam (Szczecin edition). Founder of Szczecin Jams.


Program Schedule

Event Information

Saturday, 24 August Opening

@ 18.00 Orientation meeting, Welcome speech by Mr. Mehmet O. Eskici, Welcome dinner at Vistula

Sunday, 25 August

11.00 – 12.00 Lecture and discussion on "Cultural Differences in International Business"
12.00-13.00 Film screening
13.00-14.00 Lunch at Vistula campus
15.30-19.00 Sightseeing
Ca. 19.00 Dinner at Warsaw City Centre

Themes of the day

1. Sensualisation of experience
2. Creative team Management
3. Research
4. Visualisation of Knowledge
5. Amateur
6. Service prototyping
7. Design Thinking as a Karaoke.
8. Customer service problem form Vistula University’s experience (to be resolved in workshop).


26-30 August Monday - Friday Programme

9.00-9.30 Coffee
9.30 – 10.00 Warm-up
Theme of the day
10.00 – 10.45 Talk I
10.45– 11.30 Talk II

Workshop session I
10.30-13.00 Skill + Lab
Skill=Tools + Utilization + Creation
• Newness
• Freshness
• Myth busting
• Learning-by-doing
• Experimenting
Participants will be divided on 5 teams working separately in different locations (indoor or outdoor) / Each team will have its supervisor

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch (served at Vistula Campus)

Workshop session II
14.00 – 16.00 Skill+Lab Continued

16.00-17.00 Un-conference session, Each session will have its supervisor
20 slides x 20 secs = 400 secs per presentation


Vistula University is offering to the participants of Service Summer School (SSS) Eduness free accommodation as a courtesy of Santander Universidades and BZ Wielkopolski Bank Kredytowy.


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